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Salamanca University Business Program

The business program at the University of Salamanca provides students with a unique and exciting opportunity to spend an academic semester or full year studying business and Spanish at one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe.

The course is suitable for all students with any interest in business, economics and international relations. In addition, the program caters for participants at all levels of Spanish.

The course covers a range of different business topics including ecommerce, marketing, economics and international business. Students have a choice of modules from within the core business curriculum, most of which are taught in the English language.

Benefits of this program:
  • A flexible choice of starting dates

  • The option to enrol for a whole academic year or just one semester

  • Each subject is taught for 45 hours per semester

  • Suitable for students at any Spanish language level

  • Minimum age 17

  • Most modules are taught in English

  • A wide choice of modules

  • A choice of accommodation


  Starting Dates3 Modules4 Modules5 Modules6 Modules
1 TERM30 Sep 2019 to 13 Dec 20191593$2124$2655$3186$
27 Jan 2020 to 14 May 20201646$2195$2744$3293$
28 Sep 2020 to 15 Dec 20201646$2195$2744$3293$
  • Spain’s oldest and most prestigious university.

  • Over 4,000 language students study at the university every year.

  • Accommodation in campus residence, student apartment or Spanish host family.

  • Quick, easy registration and payment process.

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Who can study on the program?

This Salamanca University Business Program is open to students of all levels of Spanish language proficiency. Before the course begins students are examined and placed into different classes according to ability. This ensures that the course content is perfectly suited to your level of Spanish.

Students are placed into the following categories according to their level of Spanish:

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Proficient

The program usually consists of many international students so there are plenty of opportunities to socialise and make new friends during your time on the course. A range of accommodation options are available to suit the requirements of each participant.

Student profile

The student body is largely made up of young people aged between 18 and 26 who wish to learn Spanish either as part of their studies or to further their career opportunities. Others simply want to enjoy a formative cultural and linguistic experience while taking a break from their regular studies.

The course also attracts middle-aged students who have taken a career break to study Spanish and older students who have a desire to retire to Spain.

Available courses:

All of courses are taught in English apart from “Español con fines profesionales” which requires students of an intermediate level of Spanish or above

International Business

The International Business course explores the theory and approach behind real world business affairs.

Areas of study within this topic include:

  • The similarities and differences in legal systems

  • Political systems

  • Economic policy

  • International trade barriers and their effect on businesses

International Finance

Students that wish to gain an understanding of the dynamics of finance in a globalized marketplace will benefit from studying this course. The program covers different finance models and explores the causes and effects of global financial crises. Students will also gain an insight into the world of international finance rules and regulations.

Ecommerce and Social Media Marketing

In the modern business world it is important for companies to adapt smoothly to ever-changing markets and evolving consumer tastes. By examining case studies and taking part in group projects, students will discover the many different ways in which businesses can adjust their methods and practises in reaction to changing trends. The course reflects on the phenomenon of social media as a business tool and ensures that students obtain a good understanding of modern business dynamics.

EU Economics and Political Science

This interesting course focuses on the origins and development of European Union Economics and Political Science. By exploring current issues from a political and economical perspective, students will gain a better understanding of the complexities of the European common market.

Topics covered include:

  • Unity and diversity in Europe

  • European institutions

  • Multiculturalism and multilingualism

  • The pros and cons of a common market

Current Spain

This course takes the student on a journey through the political, social and economic history of modern Spain; from its time as a dictatorship to its present day position as a democratic nation.

Spanish for Professionals (“Español con fines profesionales”)

By choosing this specialist module, students will have the opportunity to learn Spanish in the context of real life business scenarios. Participants will learn the essential vocabulary needed to survive in the Spanish business world.

The course uses interaction and role play to help students practice their oral communication skills. By interacting with others, students remain focused on the comprehension and production of text related to the field of business.

A BULATS test (official accreditation of Spanish proficiency for professional purposes) is included as part of this course.

International Marketing

This program is designed to give students a general introduction to marketing processes at an international level.

International Marketing topics include:

  • Doing business in a global economy

  • Strategies in export trade

  • International logistics

  • The impact of the new technologies in the world trade.

Economics and Business in Latin American Culture

Students with an interest in the economic and business culture of Latin America will benefit from this informative course. The program offers a fascinating study of the business world from a Latin American perspective.