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Facilities and Activities

All students signing up for a course at Salamanca University will receive a student card which gives access to all university facilities; students can also participate in the special activities arranged outside class hours for foreign students.

Below you can find further information about the university facilities and activities arranged.


The Spanish courses for foreigners department is located in one of the historical university buildings situated in the Patio de Escuelas Menores which is in the centre of the old town. Although it is a historical building, the classrooms have been modernised, having access to the latest technology lsuch as TV, video and tape recorders to help students progress as swiftly as possible.

Although today some of the new faculties are located in the outskirts of Salamanca, many of them are still located in the historic centre. That and the many student cafeterias, libraries/bookshops, theatres and student activities that are arranged provide for a very youthful atmosphere.

With the student card that all students receive you will have access to all of the university's main facilities. For further information see below.

University Library – Salamanca University has one of the most important and beautiful university libraries in Spain. In the main library located in the historical centre more than 160.000 volumes can be found. There are also important manuscripts and incunables (the first type of book to be printed after the invention of the printing press and up until before 1501) from between the XIth and XIVth centuries and about 40.000 books edited between the XVIth and XVIIIth centuries. The library also has a famous ceiling painting known as ¨El Cielo de Salamanca¨.

University Sport Facilities – Salamanca University has two main sports complexes; the Polideportivo Universitario "Miguel de Unamuno" and the Complejo Deportivo Salas Bajas. Here you can practice almost all types of indoor and outdoor sports, including athletics, tennis, football, badminton, rugby, volleyball, etc. Both complexes are located within walking distance of the old centre and it is possible to participate in sport activities at competition level or just as a hobby.

Computer Centre – In the Spanish courses for foreigners building there is internet access and it is even possible for students to obtain a Salamanca University email address if requested.


Throughout the year Salamanca University arranges cultural, sports and academic activities for which any interested students can sign up. As a means for foreign students participating in any of the many Spanish programs to get to know the Spanish culture and way of life better while also having fun, a number of special activities are arranged.

The specially arranged activities for foreign students are divided into three different groups: one day or weekend excursions away from Salamanca, cultural activities in Salamanca, and social gatherings.
The excursions arranged have destinations such as Toledo, Segovia, Ávila, El Escorial, Madrid and Sevilla; with students being accompanied by experts who will explain all about the local history, culture and monuments.

The cultural activities within Salamanca include guided visits to the many monuments and museums of the city and also Spanish cinema events where students can see many of the popular Spanish movies.
The social activities include welcome parties, Christmas dinner, and other activities where the students can get to know each other and the professors better, in a different and more relaxed environment.

During the summer courses further special activity programs are arranged, and can include different Spanish dancing classes (Flamenco, Sevillanas, Vasco, etc), Spanish guitar classes, Spanish song lessons or Spanish cooking classes

Apart from the special activities arranged for foreign students the many different student organizations throughout the university welcome the participation of foreign students both as an active part of the organization or just participating in some of the events arranged.

Upon arrival in Salamanca it is possible to obtain full relevant information (including exact dates and prices) on the programmed activities for foreign students as well as for the other activities and events arranged within the university.