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Student Accommodation in Salamanca

Campus Residence, Shared Apartments, and Host Families

If you’ve booked your Spanish language courses at, you’re eligible for our accommodation booking service. Our accommodation options include:

  • Campus residence

  • Shared student apartment

  • Spanish host family

  • Private apartment

We charge a one-time booking fee of 90€ for shared student apartments and Spanish host families. We also collect a 100€ deposit that we forward to the landlord at the time of reservation (this amount is deducted from the first month’s rent). All other payments are made directly from the student to the landlord.

The campus residence and private apartment options require a payment of the total rental amount at least one month prior to arrival.

To reserve a place in the residence, a deposit must be paid. The amount varies according to the duration of the stay:

  • If your booking is between 1-2 months, the deposit will amount to €250
  • If your booking is more than 2 months, you should pay the amount corresponding to one monthly payment.

Our accommodation service is offered independently of our Spanish course booking service. Please read our accommodation conditions and contact us with any questions you may have before you complete your reservation.

Campus Residence

Life in a campus residence provides a unique experience and arguably represents the best opportunity to supplement Spanish learning in a fun environment. Students who select this living option can enjoy complete immersion into Salamanca University’s renowned student life.

Four campus residences are available to foreign students: Colegio Mayor Hernán Cortés, Colegio de Cuenca, San Vicente and Atenea. All are within a short walking distance from the main university campus. Both private and shared rooms are available, and all rooms are equipped with the necessary commodities, including internet access, a TV, a telephone and an en-suite bathroom. Specially-equipped rooms are also available for students with disability needs.

Extra facilities depend on the particular residence chosen- these can include access to a gym, TV rooms, terraces, bicycle hire, and many more. The Colegio de Cuenca campus provides kitchens so that students can cook their own meals; the other three residences provide a range of catering options.

Pricing and additional details:

Shared Student Apartments

Student apartments are the cheapest and most popular form of accommodation for international students. Shared apartments are located throughout Salamanca and are all within at most 20 minutes walking-distance from the university. These apartments typically include a shared kitchen, one or two bathrooms, living room with dinning space, TV, sofas, and three to five bedrooms equipped with a small study table, bed and closet.

Please note that, being a budget alternative, shared student apartments are furnished simply and provide modest living space. Students are responsible for cleaning, cooking, and laundry, and there is limited to no landlord supervision. International students are typically grouped together in the same apartments.

The cost for a room in a shared apartment ranges between 250-270€ per month, plus utility costs (between 20-30€ per month).

Beginning in October and through the end of June, student apartments are only available for a minimum of three-month (and in some cases, six-month) stays. During the summer months rooms are available on a monthly basis.

Please note that parties are strictly prohibited and can lead to immediate expulsion from the apartment and the loss of your deposit.

Spanish Host Families

Living with a Spanish host family is the preferred option for those who wish to extend their practice of Spanish outside the classroom and learn about the Spanish lifestyle.

Spanish host families traditionally consist of older couples, as fewer parent-children families have the ability to rent out extra living space to foreign students. Host families often accommodate more than one international student at a time.

The cost for room and half-board (breakfast and either lunch or dinner) with a Spanish host family ranges between 500-600€ per moth. A separate fee is charged for in-house laundry service.

Private Apartment

For those who prefer privacy, individual studio apartments are available. The studios are located in Salamanca’s historic district and include a bedroom, kitchenette with cooker and fridge, and bathroom.

The cost for a studio apartment ranges between 45-60€ per day.